Azealia Banks to star in new movie and Frank Ocean hints at new music

Azealia Banks is headed to the big screen in the feature film, "It Doesn't Have To Rhyme" previously known as "Coco". The film stars Banks as a up and coming rapper who enrolls in college and when she's not easily accepted by her peers, she discovers her love for slam poetry. Jill Scott costars as Azealia's teacher as well as Common who stars as a mentor. RZA directs the film which starts production this week. Me being an Azealia fan I'm already sold on this and will be looking forward to it when its released. Another release I'm looking forward to is the upcoming album from Frank Ocean titled "Boys Don't Cry Part 1: States". It turns out that Frank created a new Soundcloud account with the new album title but purposely left it empty though a tracklisting has been revealed. No word on when we will hear the new music but I'm guessing its pretty soon. Nowadays we are seeing more and more artists drop music unannounced choosing to keep their release dates hidden. We'll be watching and listening Frank! And Happy 40th Birthday to Lauryn Hill!
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