Kylie Jenner not pregnant and Anita Baker blocks Cheryl Lynn on Twitter

Kylie Jenner says she's not pregnant! R&B singer Cheryl Lynn(song: "Encore") went in on Anita Baker via social media when she discovered Anita blocked her. Lynn went on to say that Baker is jealous of her singing skills and after she ranted enough offered a semi apology. What do you think about Anita blocking Cheryl? I'm sure there is more to the story but we only know one side right now. But this feud can be filed under "strange" right along with the recent feud between Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford which has since been resolved. I've read that Anita Baker can be a little coocoo so who knows what the problem really is. Speaking of feuds, fans of Nicki Minaj have signed a petition against Iggy Azalea saying her award at the Billboard awards for "Best Rap Song" should be revoked. They are upset not only because Nicki didn't win but they say they song was released outside of the eligibility time. My gosh! Just let the girl live! I'm telling you Iggy needs to get back at some of these folks, really! Now I keep reading that she doesn't write her rhymes. But I actually thought she did. I was under the general impression that all the new girls wrote their rhymes, the new girls being Iggy, Azealia, Tink, Dej Loaf, etc. What do you think do you think Iggy's award should be revoked? And do you think she writes her rhymes? Or do you even care? Ha! Well as more updates come in you can count on me to share it and possibly have an opinion.
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