Mariah Carey new greatest hits album flops and Snoop Dogg shares smoking White House story

Hey y'all! It looks like Mariah Carey's new and former label boss L.A. Reid says the likelihood of Mariah scoring another #1 in the future is very unlikely. While the comment seems very shady, its a very true statement. L.A. Reid went on to say that being that Mariah is a veteran act, its harder to place songs on the radio for those artists. With that being said, Mariah told Jimmy Kimmel while on his show that she doesn't care to have another #1 hit or beat the current record holder, The Beatles. Personally I don't think Mariah will have trouble finding a hit as long as its the right song. J-Lo still manages to have hit singles though her album sales have tanked as have Mariah's. Mariah's recently released greatest hits album "#1 To Infinity" is said to debut with around 19K-21K(thousand) copies in its first full week of release. Speaking of Mariah, Snoop Dogg, who was recently on "Watch What Happens Live" revealed that Mariah was the most difficult artist to work with out of Britney Spears and Katy Perry. Snoop says Britney was the easiest to work with. While his visit, Snoop made some other comments which are now making headlines. He revealed that she smoked "pot" in the White House! People seem to be making a big deal about it but didn't Willie Nelson do the same thing? Maybe Snoop was being too candid but we can appreciate that and at his age what other way should he be.
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