Celebrities show up for Mayweather vs. Pacquaio fight and Tyga's ex-landlord wants his money

VIVA LA VEGAS: I swear it seemed like every since I left  Vegas back in March, it  seems that every weekend a celebrity is there. The week I went,  that weekend Trina was going to be there and I love me some Trina. Speaking of Vegas the celebrities came out  for what  was  hailed as the "Fight of The Century"  though according to Jim Carrey, i t  was more like "Dancing With The Stars"  and I'd have to agree. Despite that, the fight between  Mayweather and Pacquaio brought  out Mary J. Blige, Nicki Minaj,  Meek Mill,  Diddy, Jay Z , Beyonce, Denzel Washington and a host of other celebrities. Jamie Foxx sung "The National Anthem" and Lil' Mo sent some shade on  social  media about his performance and got a lot of shade on her own .  Though I was in the bathroom when he was singing,  I didn't  really hear it and my friend said she didn't think he sounded all that good. What did you think for those who saw it?  PAY ME WHAT YOU OWE HIM: In other news, Tyga 's ex-landlord has sued him saying he owes him in back rent and he want s his money back.  Well Tyga has finally responded and said it wasn't true. What do you think? According the landlord Tyga owed him 90K in back  rent. If you recall the landlord showed up this Tyga's shoe event with  papers. Then again I'm not sure if it were  his landlord but someone brought papers to his event and waited in line and everything just to serve him with the papers. Well enjoy your Sunday people!  It's gonna be a nice day today enjoy!
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