Beyonce's music may be pulled from TIDAL and Iggy Azalea cancels tour

Beyonce's music may be yanked from TIDAL, the new streaming service that she co-owns. Sony, the label that Beyonce records for is threatening to yank their entire roster of music from the service if TIDAL doesn't pay up for the rights of the songs. It seems like TIDAL is requesting a huge sum of money. But the question is will they get it? They keep being greedy Beyonce will mess around and walk away from Sony. They need her more than she needs them. More on this story as it develops. Iggy Azalea has called off her "The Great Escape Tour". It's being reported that Iggy will instead tour in 2016. This whole tour has been a mess from the very beginning. Iggy was cancelling tour dates left and right earlier this year so now comes this year. I guess its not really surprising. Some are saying she wasn't really selling tickets like that but I haven't read that yet. I just think the poor girl is stressed out and needs a break! What do you think? America's new guilty pleasure(and mine as well) "Empire" will return to its Wednesday time slot at 9 P.M.EST(Eastern Standard Time) on September 23. Are you ready?
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