Ashanti has a new man and Janet Jackson spotted in the dance studio

Ashanti has a new man! The word is Ashanti is dating NFL player Darnell Dockett who plays for the San Francisco 49ers. Ashanti tweeted her new boo yesterday wishing him a Happy Birthday! What's crazy is that I seen this tweet but just thought it was one of her super fans she was tweeting. I had no idea! I am happy for Ashanti though! Aww baby! Speaking of happy, a lot of people, including myself is happy for the return of Janet Jackson. The reclusive star was spotted going into a dance studio in L.A. They say Janet is rehearsing for her new tour but also said recording some type of video. Of course everything is hush hush but Janet herself shared the article on her timeline, complete with pictures. There's still no word on when we can expect this new music but Janet is keeping everything under wraps. I actually admire the secrecy because it leaves a lot to the imagination. It makes you anticipate it more and we don't anticipate a lot of albums nowadays. And I'm anticipating Cheryl Lynn to let this petty beef with Anita Baker go. Anita has not responded to anything that Cheryl has said. Cheryl has continued on with her tirade today poking fun at Anita by saying she could use vocal rest based on how she's been sounding lately. Wow! I do feel that Cheryl should just let it go. Even Jennifer Holliday has come out urging Cheryl to just let it go! Don't you agree? Well until next time people! Have a good night!
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