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First and foremost, I post these videos for your enjoyment. Secondly this is a music blog so what do you expect. Anyway due to my lousy computer playing up, I can't always hear the audio/video I post up. So I can't always give you an accurate description. If you really want to know what the video is about, I suggest you just watch it. So I'm simply saying this because I won't always give descriptions as to what the video contains. The heading will indicate what it is about to the best of my knowledge and what was shared with me. Thanks!

Video: The Best of Mariah Carey
Since I was actually able to hear this video, check out Mariah in some of her most zany and embarrassing moments on air. It is a fanmade video and it was done by a fan so its not intended to necessarily put her down in anyway! Enjoy!

Video: Solange Sets The Record Straight
While during press this week for her new album, Solange told off some nasty reporters. Well here is Solange once again clearing the air on the whole fiasco and some other things.

I am slightly turned off by Solange's attitude. I know she tries to distance herself from Beyonce. I just feel like she tries too hard. Her album is pretty good. It is one of the better albums this year. I just don't like her attitude. I'm sure she doesn't care what I or anyone else thinks but I just felt like getting that out.

Music News:
Monica has added Ne-Yo to the list of producers for her upcoming album, "Still Standing" in stores this winter. The album's lead single has yet to be determined. Meanwhile Monica has urged fans to request "Still Standing" featuring Ludacris just to keep her name afloat. Nothing wrong with that right? Anyway Mo's upcoming album features collaborations from Missy Elliott, Babyface, and Bryan Michael Cox(man I can never get his name right, not sure on the "Brian" or "Bryan")
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