Beyoncé still set to perform concert after pregnancy announcement

The show must go on.
Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I've had a very busy social life. Now I'm back with some info you might of read about already or not. But here goes...
  • Days after announcing her pregnancy to the world, Beyoncé is still slated to perform at Coachcella this April in L.A. The word is that she will be having two special guests performing with her as well. One of those guests may very well be her husband, Jay Z. But who else could it be? Thoughts? 
  • Nicki Minaj has accused designer Gisueppe(sp) Zanotti of racism after she made claims online that he hasn't returned her calls after reaching out to him. She lamented about how the Zanotti used several references to Minaj without the proper credit or something to that effect. I was reading bits and pieces of the tweets as they made the blog rounds a few days ago and Nicki looks ridiculous in this whole thing. I would be worried about my mansion that just got robbed. And speaking of that, ex-boyfriend; Meek Mill was asked if he had anything to do without the robbery(like he would admit it if he did) and he denied the allegations. It sounds like an inside job to me because a lot of Nicki's clothes and awards were damaged. Hey! What a way to get back at your superstar ex-girlfriend that dumped you! 
  • Lil' Kim just revealed that she is working on a new album. She posted pictures on her Instagram clad in baggy athletic clothes. She also posted another photo of herself with earphones, a notepad and a pen. This could be a set up or a ploy to make fans think that Lil' Kim is writing her new album by herself. Lil' Kim hasn't wrote an album by herself(allegedly) since "Notorious K.I.M.". I can only hope that she is taking it back to that or at least the "La Bella Mafia" era then again she had several collaborators on that album. Being that Lil' Kim also stated that she is working on a "new album" makes me wonder if she's signed a new record deal. Prior to this announcement Lil' Kim only did mixtapes, limited guest rap appearances by virtually unknown rappers, and spotty single releases("Mine" featuring Kevin Gates). Well good luck Kim! I can't wait to hear the new album and hopefully we won't have to wait another 12 years for your next album project.
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