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"Baby Love"
Those pesky baby rumors regarding Janet Jackson's alleged first child won't seem to go away. This is a rumor that has been floating around since the late 80s. This is also a rumor that has "legs" which basically means, its one of those rumors that refuses to go away. In the past Janet has denied having a secret child but her ex-Mother in Law; Mrs. DeBarge says she has DNA evidence that Janet had a child. She recalls that she told Janet she was pregnant and Janet never responded. The relatively quiet and private singer has been very open and forthcoming about her recent birth to a baby last month but why not one that allegedly exists 30 years ago? One may never know. One of the stories allege that the secret child lives with one of Janet's siblings and was raised as one of his/hers child. Most recently the show, "Growing Up In Hip Hop" features Janet's ex-husband; James DeBarge and his daughter Kristinia DeBarage. The story line last season played on the possibility of the existence of a secret child when James said he was contacted by a girl. The girl in question was rumored to be his secret child with Janet but after some investigating by a private investigator, the girl stopped communication. For all we know it could of been the rumored child in existence or someone just wanting to get paid. We may truly never know the origin of this rumor but maybe Janet was pregnant back in the day and had a miscarriage. I wonder did anyone ever think of that? There was a show I saw on the E! network a few years back. I don't remember the name of the show but it exposed secrets about celebrities. One secret was about Janet Jackson but it had nothing to do with a baby. It was the fact that Janet was reportedly blind in both eyes at one point. One of pets scratched her in both eyes and she had to have emergency surgery. What a crazy story!
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