Music Feed: The Battle of the R&B Divas: Ashanti vs. Keyshia Cole

It's the battle of the R&B Divas. The Battle of the R&B Divas will basically profile two R&B Divas and the origin of their beef and where it stands today, if it's been resolved or what have you. Tonight I'm profiling Keyshia Cole & Ashanti. There were always rumors of a rift to between Keyshia Cole and Ashanti but it was very seldom brought up until years down the road. Keyshia Cole and Ashanti shocked fans when they did a duet for the title track for Keyshia Cole's album, "Woman To Woman". Of course everyone wanted to know how they hooked up and according to Ashanti, they were in the same studio working next door to one another. Ashanti says Keyshia came in and said "yo I got this record I want you to hear". And Ashanti said it was "dope" and she said a few weeks later, they were recording. When it came time for Ashanti to promote her album, "Braveheart" a year later after their duet, Ashanti says she was told by Keyshia Cole, that she reached out to Irv Gotti to do a whole album with Ashanti but Irv shot down the idea. Keyshia told Ashanti that she felt some kind of way about it for many years. Since then the two singers have become real good friends. They often pose in pictures together and have been seen having conversations via Twitter.
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