Iggy Azalea Has a Sextape..Nicki Minaj Denied At Old High School

Let's call this post the female rappers edition! There are stories on two of the most popular female rappers out and then there's some news on Lil' Kim as well. SEX YOU UP: Iggy Azalea is said to be the latest star who is subject to a sex tape that is being shopped around. Allegedly the sex tape was taped some years ago before Iggy rose to fame. She is said to be underage in the film but Iggy has denied being in the tape. Then she later claimed that there may be a tape in existence from when she was younger. If you are interested in seeing it, which would basically be like seeing child pornography, I'm sure you can find it online somewhere. Speaking of Iggy Azalea, her upcoming collaboration with Lil' Kim is closer to happening. The two are said to be collaborating alongside T.I. but there is no word on where the collab will end up, hopefully on Kim's new album. Anyway after her website crashed last night, Lil' Kim finally delivered her mixtape Hardcore 2K14 and I must say its pretty good. You should check it out! I mean after all its just a mixtape so don't be expecting too much but I think its good for what it is. Its definitely a lot better than her Black Friday mixtape. Now that was pure trash!  SCHOOL DAZE: Nicki Minaj is fuming because her high school won't let her come there and speak to the children. Personally I think Nicki should of let her high school contact her when they wanted her to speak. The school issued a statement saying that Nicki wanted to speak to the kids at school complete with a camera crew and probably a list of diva demands. Anyway its said that the school doesn't allow filming crews in the school. So what do you think about today's stories? 
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