K. Michelle Sounds Off on Soulja Boy..Brandy Speaks On New Album

"BOY" WONDER: K. Michelle is at again! This time the singer has called out Soulja Boy. The two VH1 reality stars traded insults back and forth via Twitter last night I presume. The insults got pretty nasty as K referred to Soulja Boy as a "pussy", dating a transgender woman, and being broke. Soulja Boy clapped back saying K.'s pussy stank, her net worth is below his, and she's slept around the industry. Now I've never heard the stories about Soulja Boy and a transgender woman but I wouldn't put it past him. I do notice that K loves to throw gay insults at men but if their in Atlanta I can understand them sometimes. I just hope she doesn't slip up one day and say the wrong thing to the wrong person if you know what I mean. NEW ALBUM ALERT: Someone who is a lot more gay friendly is Brandy. She opened up about her new album saying that the new music she's singing on her new album, she is singing like its her last. We all know Brandy went through a public breakup awhile back so this will likely serve as the template for her upcoming album. I'm definitely ready for a new Brandy album. What about you? 
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