Beyonce & Jay Z Crash Wedding..Paris Jackson Pregnant..Usher Scraps Album

Lots of news today for you all to indulge in so with that being said, dive in! WEDDING CRASHERS: Beyoncé and Jay Z are currently vacationing in Italy leaving little doubt that their marriage is in shambles. The famed coupled decided to crash a wedding by walking in the church. What would you do if Beyoncé crashed your wedding? DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL: There are rumors going around that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson, 16 may be pregnant. They say the teen looks like she may have a baby bump then again it could be weight gain. I guess we will have to wait and see. SCRAPPED: Usher has scrapped his upcoming album UR. UR which is Usher's initials, didn't have a set release date but likely due to the reception of his last two singles, Usher had a change of heart. I personally liked Good Kisser. I think its one of the best songs he's put out in awhile. She Came To Give It To You featuring Nicki Minaj, he could of kept that one. That was just plain bad. Nicki couldn't even save the song. So when can we expect a new Usher album? The singer says he is "taking my time". Indeed. I know people are still looking for him to top Confessions or at least come close. You see things like that aren't easy but I think if he truly took his time and got with Jermaine Dupri again maybe they could make something work. Then again Jermaine Dupri's track record is a little spotty right now. We all see what happened when he produced Mariah's last album! 
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