Kanye West Alienates Fans In Australia..Aaliyah Biopic Update

WILD WILD WEST: Kanye West is back up to his old tricks again. This time the controversial rapper is under fire for his behavior at a recent Sydney, Australia concert. When Kanye urged fans to stand up he noticed that two fans weren't standing. One was confirmed to have a prosthetic leg and couldn't stand. Kanye went on with the show. Then he noticed someone else in a wheelchair who was not standing and had his security check to see if the person was really disabled. It turns out they were. Prior to this Kanye chastised the audience and complained about how long its taking for him to perform his songs. A typical asshole if you ask me! What do you all think about Kanye's latest performance? BIO-PIC: Wendy Williams just confirmed that the Aaliyah biopic which is airing on Lifetime will be released in February. Wendy visited the set over the Summer and revealed that the song is based on a book about Aaliyah's life written by Christopher Farley. You all ready to see the Aaliyah biopic?
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