Music Feed: There's Something About Iggy

Earlier this week Rah Digga spoke out about Iggy Azalea when asked in a radio interview. She questioned Iggy's authenticity as a rapper and her connections to Hip Hop in general. This wouldn't be the first time Iggy's authenticity was questioned. Just a few months ago outspoken singer K. Michelle came out of the woodworks questioning why Iggy sounds the way she does. I can't remember Iggy ever responding to the question but she did comment on Rah Digga's comments shortly after the interview made the rounds. Azealia Banks called out Iggy Azalea as well when she noted that a lyric was deemed racist. Azealia also became upset when Iggy made XXL's coveted Freshman 14 list, where the magazine boasts the up and coming rappers to look out for. What's funny is that Azealia Banks' words struck a nerve with T.I. but apparently not with the other ladies who have said things. Of course Azealia took offense when T.I. became involved in the war of words between the two rappers. But why hasn't T.I. came out and responded to K. Michelle, or Rah Digga or even Nicki Minaj. Something tells me he doesn't want it with them broads. They would read him for filth! I'm just saying! I mean Azealia practically did anyway. Perhaps one of the biggest insults Iggy has faced was when Nicki Minaj accepted her 2014 BET Award for Best Female Rapper. Nicki began rambling on when she stated the "every rhyme you hear Nicki Minaj spit, she wrote". Some felt that those words were directed towards Iggy but why? You won the award not Iggy. Many felt that Nick was feeling some kind of way because another successful emcee was nipping at her heels. Nicki would later downplay what her speech meant much like Rah Digga did when she explained herself more in detail after he comments. I always thought Iggy wrote her own rhymes. I never questioned it only because there was this assumption by me that all the new girls wrote their rhymes. Iggy's popularity continues to be on the rise as she's landed high profile gigs on albums from Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Lopez in recent months. Lil' Kim wants to work with Iggy as does Remy Ma. Apparently Iggy is doing something right which is why I say "There's Something About Iggy". Stay tuned! 
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