Iggy Azalea Responds To Rah Digga's Comments About Her

A few days ago there was a story and video, which I didn't post sorry, I was being lazy I guess about Rah Digga sounding off on Iggy Azalea. Instead I just watched a portion of the video and posted the story. Anyway Rah Digga said she didn't agree with Iggy's authenticity when it came to Hip Hop. She's obviously not the first to say this but whatever Rah said hit a nerve with Iggy and she responded. She responded in a nice way simply addressing why people are so concerned with her music and her style. I understand but when you are a new (female) rapper on the scene you are picked apart like that. Rah responded back saying that she simply answered a question that was asked to her. She didn't come in just to shade Iggy but more so told her truth about how she feels. What do you think?
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