Ice T and Coco welcome baby girl and Adele's new album '25' shatters records

Congratulations are in order for Ice T and Coco. His wife just delivered a baby girl, Chanel who was 5lbs. The couple recently shared pics of their bundle of joy online. In other music news...Adele is #1 on the charts as expected as her new album, "25" debuted with sales of over 3.3 million copies. "25" marks the largest first week sales ever of a single album since Nielsen began tracking record sales in 1991. The previous title for the largest first week album sales was by N'Sync or was it Backstreet Boys? I can't remember. Anyway whichever group it was sold 2.4 million in their first week with their accompanying album. How was everyone's Holiday? Mine's was great! I was out of town so that is why there were no updates for the last few dates. My sincere apologies! I do thank you all; my readers, supporters, followers, for continuing to visit and ready my blog! I still do enjoy it even though I don't get to update as much as I want. Hopefully very soon I will update the blog with a new look at my year-end list! Stay tuned for that. Until next time folks! Thanks for reading!
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