TLC says album is still on the way and 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef lives on

Trina will release her new single, "Fuck Boy" on November 13 on iTunes, the same day as friend, Missy Elliott who will release her new single, "WTF" featuring Pharrell Williams. Are you looking forward to music from these two? Going back to Trina though, the song title alone, leads me to believe that she is referring to French Montana. Then again it could be any guy who has wronged Trina since she's been in some pretty high profile relationships over the years. What do you think? And what do you think about TLC saying they did not dupe fans and their Kickstarted funded album is still on its way. A fan asked about the status of the album which led many to believe that TLC duped fans. But T-Boz called into "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" and assured that no show thing happened, as far as the fans being duped. And Rick Ross' beef, or should I say 50 Cent's beef with Rick Ross rages on. This morning, over social media, the two have traded insults which to be honest as lowdown as they are, are actually pretty funny. What do you we think about the beef between these two? Doesn't it just need to go away? I don't think people care about it either way, they just like it for entertainment value if anything. Well until next time folks! Thanks for reading! :)
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