Karyn White sounds off on Soul Train Music Awards snub

I missed the Soul Train Awards last night because I wanted to catch the fight on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" but in true "Housewives" fashion, they delayed the fight until the next episode, with the infamous "to be continued" tagline they've been throwing around. Anyway noticeably absent during the Babyface tribute was Karyn White, who took to social media to explain her absence. In place of Karyn White was Fantasia who sang White's hit "Superwoman". White claims that she wasn't contacted by Babyface, BET, Centric, or the Soul Train Awards committee. Hmm sounds very shady if you ask me. White went on to say that she is still singing and she has a new album out and that she is currently on tour with Cece Penison(song: "Finally"). So what do you think? Do you think BET was wrong for snubbing Karyn White? Or did they?
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