Throwback Video: Ashanti - Good Good

Though the release of this video is only three years old; Ashanti's "Good Good" is a video I like for many reasons. In addition to how good Ashanti looks; I like the concept of the video which is an ode to the 50s housewife. Ashanti's boo(if he still is); Nelly appears in the video directed by Melina(who's directed a slew of videos over the years). I can't think of any of the videos Melina has directed other than this off top but if you look it up you will see.

While I'm on the subject of Ashanti and Nelly; I'm not sure if their still together or not. I definitely haven't seen them out together in awhile. Some have insinuated that her new song; "The Woman You Love" is a dis on Nelly.

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