The Weight Loss Divas

Though my friend and fellow blogger Quick has beat me to the punch I'm still compelled to talk about the slew of weight loss driven commercials featuring some of our favorite divas.

First up is Jennifer Hudson..

We've seen her first Weight Watchers commercial to the point of exploitation. I literally got tired of seeing the commercial especially when I watched BET. They would show it every commercial break from any show or movie I was watching on the network. Yes! We are all proud of Jennifer but others digress. They feel the Oscar award winning actress has lost too much weight. I think she looks fine! I do feel that she doesn't need to lose any more weight. It's almost like she's disappearing in front of our very eyes.

Now Jennifer finally has a new Weight Watchers commercial featuring her old self during her run on FOX's "American Idol". It's a huge difference; pun intended when the new thin Jennifer comes out and sings alongside her old self to Whitney Houston's "I Believe In You & Me".

Weight Loss Facts: Reportedly Jennifer went from a size 16 to a size 4. Wowzers!

Not one to be outdone Mariah Carey has shed the baby pounds and then some for her new Jenny Craig commercial. The clip features Mariah unveiling her new shapely feature while her hit single; "Make It Happen" plays in the background. I will say Mariah looks damn good but its certainly not the skinniest we've seen her.

Weight Loss Facts: Mariah lost either 30 or 40lbs after giving birth and an additional 30 or 40lbs or vice versa. Anyway Mariah's total weight loss is said to be 70lbs.

If you thought Mariah Carey endorsing Jenny Craig was shocking; her peer Janet Jackson endorsing Nutrisystem is just as shocking if not more. Yes! We have seen Janet battle her weight throughout the years most notably a few years back. Obviously her weight woes are still a constant battle which made the Nutrisystem endorsement a go. I guess when you feel like you tried everything; there's always some alternative that you haven't. How Janet has lost and kept her weight over the years have all been debated. Janet did publish a book; "True You" about her weight loss over the years. I haven't been fortunate enough to read it yet but maybe one of these days I might read it.

Weight Loss Facts: At presstime how much weight Janet has lost has not been revealed as far as I know.
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