Most Memorable Feuds of 2011 Part 3

Here's the last installment of "Most Memorable Feuds of 2011". There are a just a few here and their the most recent feuds that you're likely to have heard about. Starting things off is...

Mariah Carey vs. Kim Kardashian
After Mariah Carey's shocking weight loss; Mariah started making the rounds promoting her weight loss and new Christmas music. She appeared on "Rosie" and appeared countless times on HSN featuring her jewelry line. During one of her interviews Mariah made some remarks regarding Kim Kardashian and her quickie wedding to Kris Humphries. Mariah has always been shady so her jabs at Kim did catch the attention of a few major media outlets.

Ironically Kim Kardashian once dated Nick Cannon but then again who hasn't Kim Kardashian dated?

Ludacris vs. Drake & Big Sean

Whatever problem(s) Ludacris had with burgeoning emcees Big Sean and Drake threw me for a loop. Ludacris issued a diss record which was both parts seething and desperate. I remember hearing that the diss stems from bragging rights and the originator of specific nuances adapted by whichever rapper. Sounds complicated right?

In my opinion the diss record made Ludacris seem a little pressed and for someone who barely releases music; I'm surprised Ludacris would be concerned about Drake or Big Sean for that matter. I did read that Ludacris has a new album in the works so maybe this was for controversy. Honestly I thought Ludacris cooled out on the music tip anyway since he stars in so many movies anyway.

Keri Hilson vs. Beyonce
This feud has been long going and its certainly nothing new but the fans more than anyone keeps this feud alive. It all started back a few years ago when Keri released a remix of her hit single; "Turnin' Me On". The song reportedly took a swipe at both Ciara and Beyonce. Keri denied the claims and whatever disdain she had for Ciara; the two supposedly made up. Keri's disdain for Beyonce has remained and the fans just keep adding fuel to the fire.

Every time I turn around someone is taunting Keri Hilson about her feud with Beyonce. I think most fans and people in general feel like whatever problem she has with Beyonce is unwarranted. Everyone doesn't have to like Beyonce and everyone clearly doesn't even her fellow peers. I'm sure there are other artists who don't care for Beyonce and just don't make it a known thing. They don't go around kissing her ass like some other artists do.

The next feud threw me for a loop seriously...

Nicki Minaj vs. Cher
A twitter user informed Cher via twitter that Nicki Minaj dissed her in her hit single; "Did It On 'Em". When Cher responded; she responded with arrogance and flair; something that Cher is known for. I mean that in the best way possible. Anyway Nicki Minaj responded and before long her "main man" Safaree also responded. It wasn't long before the fans weighed in and just making things worse off then before.

I personally think it was in bad taste to come at a legend like Cher like that anyway. Cher can hold her on though but she is a bad ass but it made Nicki Minaj and Safaree look really bad.

Nicki Minaj vs. Lil' Kim
The war between Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim continues to escalate and will certainly escalate as we go into the year 2012. With Nicki Minaj recently releasing her buzz single; "Roman In Moscow" where she takes a few subtle jabs at Kim; its safe to say this feud is far from over. In addition to that Lil' Kim dropped her own freestyles and a few songs with a few choice words aimed at not only Nicki Minaj but Lil' Wayne and Baby. How cute!

Well that's it everyone! This wraps up the "Most Memorable Feuds of 2011". We can only imagine what 2012 brings and hopefully its not as much drama in 2012. Why can't we all just get along?
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