Most Memorable Feuds of 2011 Part 1

Since we are nearing the end of the year; many blogs; websites; journalists; and the like are compiling their year end lists of 2011. While most year end lists concentrate on favorite albums and favorite songs of the year; my year end lists are dedicated to all things in pop culture associated with music. Feuds; lawsuits; arrests; births; marriages; and everything in between.

Starting things off is a list I've been compiling since the top of the year and it features a bevy of feuds between celebrities. I warn you there are a couple of names you will see quite a bit and its really no shock there. Some of these feuds were pretty high profile while others may have slipped below the radar.

Chris Brown vs. Raz B

Chris Brown's twitter feud with former B2K band member; Raz B was just one of many twitter feuds Chris Brown was involved in. All I remember is the barrage of insults that were tweeted between both Chris and Raz B. Chris' insults got a little too personal for some when gays got offended.

Game vs. Ras Kass
The feud between L.A. rappers Game and Ras Kass has been ongoing for many years and in 2011; the two rappers squared off when things got physical.

Jacki-O vs. Lil' Kim
When Lil' Kim started referring to herself as "Kimmy Blanco" in various songs; Jacki-O took offense because she was also referencing the name "Blanco"; Griselda Blanco. Others would say Jacki-O wanted beef with Kim as a ploy for attention. I would agree with the latter. Jacki-O later released a diss song that I can't quite remember the name of and I'm not sure if anyone even remembers the song itself.

What's funny is a few years ago Lil' Kim gave Jacki-O props in a song when she alleged that she beat Foxy Brown up. Now this! Funny how the tables turn.

Joe Budden vs. Marlon Wayans
While I can't quite remember the origin of this feud; it was one of the many feuds that took place over twitter. Don't you just love twitter?

50 Cent vs. Ciara
The former lovers sparred over twitter. 50 Cent and Ciara gave new meaning to the phrase "airing out dirty laundry".

Chris Brown vs. Bow Wow
I wish I remembered what this was about. Both guys are pretty cocky so a feud was in the cards.

Ciara vs. Rihanna
In 2011 we were no longer talking about Ciara's music but her feuds with former boyfriends and her peer; Rihanna which got quite ugly and was trending on twitter. The ladies eventually patched things up or so we think!

Foxy Brown vs. Tom Joyner
Foxy Brown always has a beef with someone. Its something about that last name Brown especially when its a name that's in the industry. Think: Chris Brown and Bobby Brown. Foxy Brown performed on a cruise ship sponsored by radio host Tom Joyner and got kicked off after her unruly behavior. Nothing new there. Allegations that were being made by Tom Joyner were disputed by Foxy who took to TV with the drama. Tom Joyner later recanted this comments and his stories about Foxy's behavior.

K. Michelle vs. Jive Records
Burgeoning music artist K. Michelle was discovered by R. Kelly and had a few minor R&B hits but her career has yet to jump off. Mad at label; Jive Records; the singer took to her fan sites and twitter and air out her frustrations. How cute! You know what they say. Good things come to those who wait.

Chris Brown vs. Tyler, The Creator
Yet another Chris Brown feud this time with outspoken rapper and Odd Future(which also features singer/songwriter Frank Ocean of the song "Novacane"). Tyler, The Creator was backed by his Odd Future crew who all took digs at Chris over twitter and even in songs most notably Tyler's collaborative effort with Game on "Martians vs. Goblins".

Keyshia Cole vs. Lil' Kim
Lil' Kim was mad at everybody in 2011 especially if you were associated with rival; Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj guest featured on Keyshia Cole's song; "I Ain't Thru" and threw some laughable jabs at Lil' Kim. Lil' Kim cried foul on the radio insisting that Keyshia and her friends and it was wrong of her to let Nicki go at her like that. Stop ya bloodclot crying Kim! Put out that new album!

Chris Brown vs. Joe Budden
I can't even remember what sparked this feud which was over twitter. Pointless!

Well that was Part 1! Look for Part 2 of "Most Memorable Feuds of 2011" where the feuds get juicer and more shocking.
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