Most Memorable Feuds of 2011 Part 2

The list of feuds continue.

Lil' Mo vs. Philip Bryant

Who's Philip Bryant you ask and if I wanted to be funny which I am; I could go out on a limb and say who is Lil' Mo? Anyway the singer/songwriter had a twitter war with her own husband over God knows what. My memory is failing me here. Help!

I said the feuds would get juicer and more shocking and here's one:

Lloyd vs. Miguel
This feud didn't happen all that long ago. Both singers were airing one another out over the radio and probably over twitter. I forget the origin of the beef but it was one of the more high profile feuds of 2011 since both singers had a number of chart topping R&B hits between them. My memory is still failing me. I think both singers were on tour together or someone made a comment about the other. I'm too young for this!

Moving on...

Game vs. Jay-Z, Kanye West
You know Game likes to conjure up controversy and feuds to sell records and gain attention. It usually works to his advantage. Shortly before the release of his "The R.E.D. Album"; Game released some popular mixtapes and spoke out against Jay-Z and Kanye West.

For years Game has been going on at Jay-Z and I think he should just give it a rest at this point.

Jennifer Hudson vs. crazed fan
Jennifer Hudson is usually poised but she let the Chicago come out of her when someone on twitter started rambling about her weight loss and disrespecting her relationship with fiance Punk. Jennifer dug into the hopeless girl so bad; she drew national attention for several media outlets. It let people who even thought of messing with Jennifer to never do so! Get em Jen!

Kreayshawn vs. Rick Ross & The Game
Oakland rapper Kreayshawn created a buzz for herself with her hit single; "Gucci Gucci" but at the same time she was ruffling some feathers among Hip Hop's elite. In a freestyle; Kreayshawn accused Rick Ross of being fake and later recanted her words when the Maybach crew approached Kreayshawn at this year's MTV VMA's. What kinda real dude go at a broad? I'm just saying! I like Ross but that was silly.

As far as Game he took offense because it was believed that Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob which includes rapper V-Nasty(who recently released a mixtape with Gucci Mane) was going around using the "N" word.

...and if you thought that was something. Remember this?

Ray J. vs. Fabolous
Perhaps this was one of the more popular feuds or should I say fights to have occurred in 2011. It all started at boxer Floyd Mayweather's house where a party was happening among the likes of the aforementioned and 50 Cent. When jokes and insults started flying around between everyone; things got personal and physical between Ray J. and Fabolous. The word was and according to Ray J. who embarrassed his self on radio with an exaggerated account of what supposedly happened. What we got was one big bragfest from Ray J. and he sounded more like a rapper on a record. He bragged about all the pools, cars, and money he has instead of really telling us what we wanted to know.

As far as Fabolous he was pretty quiet for the most part and did speak briefly about the altercation but Ray J.'s account overshadowed Fabolous'. I think at the end of the day people were #teamfabolous

Trina vs. Sandra Rose
Sandra Rose is one of those notorious bloggers in the vein of Perez Hilton who makes headlines occasionally for their bouts with celebrities. Its usually when a blogger posts unflattering pictures or makes some type of remark the artist takes to heart. That was the case with Trina. Trina took to twitter to air Ms. Sandra Rose out! They don't call Trina the baddest for nothing!

Terrance J vs. Webbie
I think its in bad taste for artists and video show hosts to feud. You both help each other out in so many ways. Terrance J shunned Webbie on BET's "106 & Park" and an angry Webbie took to the Internet threatening Terrance J.

It's pretty awkward when its time to interview the artist who have been feuding with. What do you do? Do you not show up to work and miss out on money or do you just have your co-host interview him? I'm just wondering. I remember when Rocsi had been dissing 50 Cent and days later she had to interview his G-Unit cohorts. I will say both parties were professional even though there was tension between everyone involved.

You are all in for a treat as the next feud or should I say fight involves a video. Check it out!

New Boyz vs. Hamilton Park

Check back for Part 3 tomorrow!
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