Lil' Kim Talks New Album, Upcoming Projects

Lil' Kim recently stated that her new label deal will be announced in January though most of us have already gotten the news. Word is she is signed to Universal Republic Records. Interestingly the same record label her nemesis Nicki Minaj records for. I'm not sure if Kim knows the information about her record deal had been revealed or not but it seems like she would know. Some artists just be outta the loop totally and Kim is no exception. I never heard or saw her publicly come out either and denounce the rumors of her signing to Universal Republic either. Anyway enough of my rant and find out more about Lil' Kim's upcoming album and the upcoming projects she has in store!

During a recent visit to a nightclub in Rochester, Lil’ Kim updated her fans on her latest projects. She revealed plans for a college tour. “Just put in the request where you want us to come to,” the Queen Bee told 754 Media.

She also explained the reason behind the delay of her book The Price of Loyalty. “We’re trying to make a mini-movie to coincide with the book,” she said. “That takes a while ’cause you got to greenlight it.” The book will include never-before-seen photos of Kim while she was in prison.

On the music side, she has been working with Timbaland, Rockwilder, and Wyclef Jean, and is eyeing collaborations with Bangladesh and Ryan Leslie. Kim is expected to announce her new label deal at the top of 2012.

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