The Return Of The Girl Groups...Well Sorta

Gone are the days where R&B female girl groups ruled. SWV. Xscape. En Vogue. TLC. Recently some of these famed girl groups have reassembled and decided to pick up where they left off.

When SWV(Sisters With Voices) disbanded many years ago; lead singer; Coko embarked on a solo career which included a secular R&B album before dodging into full fledged gospel offerings. After a few years of soul searching on Coko's part; she along with Taj and LeLee have teamed back up to record a new album. While not much news is present; expect the group to make their coveted return in 2012(hopefully)!

With key member Left Eye having passed years ago; the group TLC which includes T-Boz and Chili is still going strong and then some. VH1 recently announced plans to do a biopic on the famed group. Chili and T-Boz have both done successful reality TV shows together and separately. T-Boz; unfortunately recently filed for bankruptcy for the second time.

No we won't see a full fledged reunion of the famed group but we can still see two of its key members; Kandi and Tiny. Kandi is a regular on Bravo's hit show; "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" and actively records music and is engaged in a new sex toy line. Meanwhile Tiny has starred in some reality TV shows most notably "Tiny & Toya" and now "T.I. & Tiny: A Family Hustle" which premieres on VH1 tonight!

En Vogue

The "girl group" as they were often referred to since they embodied all the elements that truly made the typical classic girl group a la The Supremes has returned with a new song; "I'll Cry Later". A new album should be released sometime next year.

Destiny's Child
A year or so ago many pictures of Destiny's Child members past and present have surfaced; many of them together in the same photo had everyone buzzing about a possible reunion. While it may still be a tad bit early before we ever see a Destiny's Child reunion; namely every member once associated with the group sans Farrah Franklin is working on some music or movie project.

Changing Faces

There were rumors and I think even a song issued from the famed New York based duo. I never remember hearing it though. Maybe something may actually come from the duo in 2012. We'll see.
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