Throwback Video: J-LO - Get Right

"Get Right" was the first single from J-LO's album; "Get Right" which was released in 2005. Its from her "Rebirth" album which was really J-LO's last hit album. She has since struggled with her follow up albums but has still managed to churn hit singles here and there; most notably "On The Floor" with Pitbull. Her casting on "American Idol" as one of three judges help put J-LO back out there in the limelight after a few lackluster years. I think everyone pretty much knows this story though so I will stop here.

"Get Right" was produced by Rich Harrison who is known for his work with Amerie and Beyonce. The beat provided was also used by Usher on the song; "Ride" which was previously unreleased. Upon the release of J-LO's "Get Right"; Usher spoke out against J-LO stating the song belonged to his first and yadda yadda. You know Usher loves to create drama and publicity for the sake of it especially when he has an album coming out. I think this was right around the time that Usher was re releasing his blockbuster album; "Confessions".
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