Artists Returning To The Music Scene In 2012 Part 1

A lot of artists are said to return to the music world in 2012. How many of them actually will and be successful at that is the question! Yes! We are excited to see some of our favorite and long forgotten stars to return to the limelight. Here is a list I compiled of some of the said artists said to be dropping sometime next year. As I think of more I may be compelled to do a follow up blog.

Lil' Kim
I will start with Lil' Kim since she is one of the first names that come to mind. Just a few days ago I seen a promo pic of her promoting her return in 2012. Her untitled album is said to be released sometime next year. An EP is also in the works and is said to drop anyday now. Kim has been pretty mum on her record label situation but it had been revealed that the rapper is now signed to Universal Republic Records; recording home to her rival Nicki Minaj. Interesting if this is indeed true.

Lil' Kim has either reportedly confirmed these said collaborations or reports have reported Lil' Kim to be working with the likes of Ryan Leslie, 50 Cent, Rocwilder, Timbaland, etc. Rumored first single is said to be titled; "Looks Like Money" which producer Rocwilder played on UStream a few months back.

Brandy's comeback has been in the works for awhile ever since she briefly became a reality TV sensation via her shows on VH1. Now the singer has been back in the studio working on new material for her RCA album debut rumored to be released in either March or April. In addition to music; Brandy will be guest starring or possibly joining the cast of BET's 'The Game". Looks like big tings a gwan for Brandy. Let's hope so!

Ashanti has been working on new music for quite some time. At a point I didn't think we would get any new music from her. Long and behold the singer unveiled her new single; "The Woman You Love" featuring Busta Rhymes. The reaction to the song has been pretty positive and its safe to say Ashanti has a hit on her hands. With a new record label and new possible hit single; Ashanti might be poised to be back at the top.

The Sisters With Voices finally got back together to cut a new single; "Co Star" and a new album which should be released some time next year. The ladies have not lost an ounce of voices and hearing the song reminds listeners why we fell in love with them back in 1992.

Charli Baltimore
Most people probably could care less about anything Charli Baltimore will do if anything in 2012 but the fact that she plans to put on new music is a big thing. In all her years in the industry; Charli Baltimore has never commercially released an album. She has released a few solo singles back in the early 00s. She even guested on some high profile singles courtesy of her stint at The Inc. but Charli is determined to win! You gotta dig the motivation and ambition. Ha!

Okay there are some other artists returning in 2012 but my mind is drawing a blank likely but its pretty late as I type this. Look for a possible Part 2 of this definitely.
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