50 Cent Calls Out Label, Jill Scott A Diva?

50 Cent has threatened his label; Interscope Records to "call him" or he will continue to release new music. I think there's a reason why your upcoming album hasn't been released. Each time I've read or heard anything about it; it was either pushed back or the supposed lead single wasn't performing well. Since the release of 50 Cent's latest mixtape; his YouTube views have increased as well prompting the famed rapper to call out his label.

Of course most mixtapes are received well especially being that they are free and artists typically put a lot into mixtapes as if they were full length studio albums.

Jill Scott a diva? It's not the first time I read about her supposed diva antics. Recently on the "VH1 Divas" telecast; Jill Scott didn't want to perform; "Sweet Love" with Anita Baker. One of the many things we look forward to on "Divas" besides the divas is the duets. While some of the duets or those who are partnered up may be boggling; its expected. Anita Baker who didn't perform on the show was present in rehearsals and hinted at an unknown person who acted like a diva behind the scenes via twitter.

Like I said this isn't the first time I've read about Jill Scott and her diva antics but its funny because she doesn't present herself that way in public. So I was a little surprised and very turned off. Then she wondered why she didn't get any Grammy Nominations; that's karma. Treat people the way you want to be treated!
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