Keyshia Cole Receives Divorce Papers..Lauryn Hill Tells Off Angry Fan

I been slipping y'all then again there is just a lot of news. Better late than never I guess anyway here goes some more music news you might of missed or already knew. DIVORCE WHO?: Keyshia Cole was on the receiving end of a nasty joke. The singer received divorce papers from someone pretending to be her husband Daniel "Boobie" Gibson. Daniel responded saying he believed in the sanctity of marriage and he doesn't plan on sending off any divorce papers. Enough said. Though I think its a pretty cruel joke to pull, someone went as far as to conjure up divorce papers believingly to fool the public and Keyshia. HILL STREET BLUES: Lauryn Hill threw a concert in Chicago and she had to tell a fan off. The fan was upset because Lauryn was an hour late. I'm not sure what Lauryn said to the angered fan but I'm sure it only upset the fan more and made them look a plum fool in the process. Though I can understand the fan's frustration but artists are always late when it comes to performing on stage. Nothing new, get over it!
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