Tiny Snubs Floyd Mayweather...Tank Mad At BET

I know I know! I'm a little LATE on some of this news though but better late than never I guess. So here it is: TINY DANCER: The BET Awards '14 were two nights ago but they are still the talk of the town. And there are still stories being reported about things that went down on the red carpet and beyond. One story that is being reported is that while on the red carpet, Tiny was being interviewed and Floyd Mayweather reached out to her and she rejected and walked away. Clearly Floyd was clearly kicking up dirt and being the asshole he's been portraying himself to be. Tiny & T.I. were seated together in the front row at the BET Awards of course so they could catch every action and reaction. The couple seemed all smiles but they walked the red carpet separately. MAD TANK: Tank is mad at the BET Awards for not receiving the coveted(ha!) Best Group award. Instead the award went to Young Money who some say aren't actually a group. I disagree. They are a group. They've recorded two albums thus far and have done multiple songs under the moniker Young Money so it was a no brainer that they would win. Like it was a no brainer that Nicki Minaj won again but I really feel Iggy should of got it though. Maybe next year though. Now next year though I don't see Nicki getting it unless she really goes all out on this next album. Iggy is clawing at her heels, Remy is getting ready to get out of jail and takeover, Trina coming back, Azealia might come out, etc. 
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