Ashanti Talks New Movie Roles, Aretha Franklin Upstaged in Restaurant

AWWW BABY: Ashanti greeted fans last night with a live feed of UStream. The singer discussed everything from her upcoming video for Early In The Morning, which she is vying to shoot this weekend. She also discussed briefly the movie she is working on now, Stuck, where she plays Eve, a woman stuck on a subway train with several other characters. She says the movie will be released next year. She is also starring in a movie on Syfy to be released in October. Ashanti also said she has another movie in the works that she will begin shooting in November. Hell! It truly sounded like Ashanti has abandoned music for movies. This is music to some people's ears I'm sure. But I like music Ashanti and I'm all for the movies, but the snail pace release of this Early In The Morning video is simply ridiculous. But her movie schedule has her pretty booked and she's only off on the weekends. Bummer! Guess we will just have to wait and see. BURGER QUEEN: Aretha Franklin, known for her diva antics was upstaged this time when she visited a Johnny Rocket's restaurant. Apparently the Queen of Soul ordered take out and sat at an empty table awaiting her order. That was then when an employee approached her and told her she couldn't sit at the table unless she was dining in. She replied "Fine I'll dine in!" and that was when the employee said she couldn't since she had already paid to have it taken out. That's when Aretha got up and stormed out the restaurant not before telling the employee to "eat the burger and pay for it". Ha! Of course Johnny Rocket's came out and issued a statement saying they will have to review their policies regarding take in and carry out orders. What y'all think about this story? 
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