Lil' Mo's New Man Caught in Sexting Scandal

 Lil' Mo's new beau is alleged to be a womanizer who was caught sexting another woman. The woman leaked out a series of texts that were sexual in nature complete with nude pictures. There were even some conversation that could possibly question Lil' Mo's beau's sexuality. Lil' Mo has responded and claims that the woman is simply doing this for a publicity stunt. Is that true or is Lil' Mo simply trying to save face? To me it seems like every time these women get on reality shows, they start parading their new men around. Little do they know that their new man is an opportunist. We have seen it on all our popular reality shows. These men see these women that have a little money and then they go in for the kill. These men have some of these women out here like fools. What do you think?
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