August Alsina Injures Groupie, Bow Wow Kisses & Tells on Ciara, Angela Simmons

GROUPIE CONFESSIONS: A groupie has come forward saying that after sleeping with August Alsina, he ruptured her cervix. The groupie girl was in the hospital for four days and now plans to sue the outspoken singer. The groupie girl purchased her own tickets to see August personally and he arranged for her to meet him and the rest is cervix history. When asked about the story, August didn't exactly deny the story but says he is not getting sued. So what do you think? Do you think August really ruptured her cervix or is it her brain ruptured with a tall tale? KISS & TELL: Ciara and Angela Simmons, two of Bow Wow Shad Moss' exes were recently mentioned when Shad spoke of his sexual past with both ladies. Ciara hasn't responded as far as I know but Angela did and she is not happy about Shad kissing and telling. Bow says it was just a joke. What do you think? It does seem to me that these rappers(Bow Wow, Nick Cannon, The Game, 50 Cent) likes to kiss and tell. Most of the time the men are probably telling the truth. But when the women are asked if she bedded a famous rapper, they usually play coy or simply deny the allegations altogether. Do you think the female R&B singers are a lot looser than they appear and try to cover it up to hold up their good girl images? Remember when Eminem claimed he smashed Mariah? 
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