Chaka Khan Reveals Post Rehab Stint, Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Tiny

WRATH OF KHAN: Chaka Khan appeared on Wendy Friday July 19 and she revealed that she just undergone a stint in rehab. The famed singer revealed she's had a battle with drugs over the years and this was her second time in rehab. During her rehab Chaka was roomies with Lindsay Lohan. BOXING TINY: Floyd Mayweather has proven to be one messy fellow. The controversial boxer revealed that he had sexual relations with Tiny, T.I.'s estranged wife. If you recall the two were hanging out and Tiny posted a picture which prompted a fight between T.I. and Floyd in Las Vegas. Now Floyd is backtracking on the statement he made regarding smashing Tiny. Whether it happened or not I feel that Floyd is simply just taunting T.I. because he know its easy to get a reaction out of him. Like we all know T.I. doesn't mind going back to jail. Hell he's been so many times before. 
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