R. Kelly Upsets Fans, Timbaland Talks New Missy Music

PISSED OFF: Fans of R. Kelly are upset with the singer after he bailed out of a Labor Day weekend performance in Columbus. The fans went as far as to call out the King of R&B for his lewd past including the rumors of his sexual dealings with minors. R. Kelly's publicist responded saying that Kellz would perform at a later date and time but fans weren't buying it. Turns out fans were really looking forward to seeing the Pied Piper of R&B piss on stage! I mean things like this happen all the time. Artists cancel tour dates or for whatever reason something happens with the promoters. I'm sure it wasn't nothing personal and only business. I don't think the fans or the people should of lashed out on him like that but then again what do I know? Besides his publicist even issued a statement saying he'd perform at a later date. Besides I feel like if and when he does reschedule his spot date there, the fans will come out in droves with their black panties ready to throw on stage. Goodnight! "GAME" OVER: We haven't heard from Missy Elliott in about two years when she dropped those god awful singles. I can't even remember the name of them at the top of my head. Anyway her frequent collaborator, Timbaland has come out saying the new Missy Elliott music will be a "game changer". My problem with this is, this is what has been said for the past 10 years and still no album. I mean I'm not all that giddy about a new Missy album but I'd definitely welcome it if and when she releases one. It's no secret that Timbaland can still churn out the hits, check out Jennifer Hudson's Walk It Out but I mean do people even still care about Missy? I'm just saying! 
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