Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Fight Breaks Out, Romeo Wants Ashanti's Sister

FIGHT NIGHT: A massive fight occurred earlier today on the set of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. Apparently Joseline tried to sneak hit Tammy Rivera(Waka Flacka's wife) and Tammy lunged out in a full attack that involved other cast members including Deb Atney(Tammy's Mother In Law), Althea, and Bambi. Now why Bambi jumped in is beyond me, probably in hopes that she'll get asked back next season and to extend her 15 minutes of fame. I know Joseline is known to pop off but I still love her though. I'm not a fan of Tammy, Deb, and Bambi and I'm not just saying that cause they allegedly whooped Joseline's ass. I just think their all boring and bring nothing to the show. ROMEO & SHIA?: Lil' Romeo was trying to shoot Ashanti's sister Shia down on Instagram last week. Ashanti's sister Shia politely turned Romeo down though. It turns out she has a man, Slow Bucks, the man who got his chain snatched by 50 Cent at this year's Summer Jam. Slow Bucks is a fashion curator just like Shia so they have that in common among other things.
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