Trina lashes out on Miami rapper via social media

Rapper Trina is known for her friendly and positive attitude but we saw a different side of her last night via her social media accounts. Miami rapper, KimBrocMics tweeted that Trina was not the only rapper in Miami. Trina caught wind of the tweet and called out "Kim". The two rappers traded insults and threats via Twitter before taking it to Instagram live. "Kim's" girlfriend also hopped on her own Instagram account and threw jabs at Trina. Perhaps the highlight of this whole debacle was Trina's Instagram live video calling out the women in the most distasteful way possible. Trina's response has since been retweeted and favored for Trina's outspoken nature concerning the bums.
While we continue to learn of Usher's alleged sexual history with some unknown girl, he has been in the studio working on new music. Usher's frequent collaborator, Jermaine Dupri aka JD posted a video to his social media account with music from Usher playing in the background during a studio session. JD swayed to the music that we're likely to hear in the new future. If that's not enough, JD also posted a picture of himself and Usher heading to the studio. It seems that Usher's alleged sexual history has prompted the singer to return to the studio. No problem there.

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