Whitney Houston In New Film, Mary J. Talks Name Change

Whitney Houston is busy filming the remake of the classic 70s movie; "Sparkle" starring herself and Jordin Sparks in the title role. After Whitney wraps that up; word is the singing superstar will star in a movie for the ABC network. The details of the movie are still under wraps but plan on seeing a lot of Whitney in movies in the upcoming years. Recently the singer admitted that she was about close to signing on for the sequel to the 1997 movie; "Waiting To Exhale".

Mary J. Blige recently conducted an interview where she revealed that her record label handlers wanted her to change her last name; Blige to Brown. Mary was against this and stuck to her original last name. This was part of some of the press Mary conducted while promoting new album; "My Life II: The Journey Continues(Act 1)" in stores and online now. The album was said to have sold an estimated 165K units in its first week.

I believe that is Mary's lowest first week sales in quite some time. In my opinion; the magic is just not there anymore. I haven't liked a Mary J. Blige album since "The Breakthrough". I'm waiting on her to top that. The new album which I've only heard bits and pieces of have nice songs but their pretty forgettable. As opposed to a song like "Enough Cryin'"(which appeared on "The Breakthrough") stood out right away. It was something that you wanted to listen to over and over. Well for me it was.

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