Brandy To Star In New Movie, Janet Jackson On New Magazine Cover

In addition to working on a new album; Brandy is filming a new movie; "The Marriage Counselor" directed by Tyler Perry. The movie also stars Kim Kardashian(wow!), Lance Gross("Meet The Browns") and Jurnee Smollet("Eve's Bayou"). No word on when the film will be released.

Brandy also shot an episode or two of BET's "The Game". The new season starts January 2012. The series promises more episodes this season than last. With last season it was over before it really started. I knew it would be like that though.

Janet Jackson appears on the cover of Arabia's Harper's Bazaar magazine. Click here to see the cover. Janet is currently embarking on her national; "Up Close & Personal" tour which commemorates her #1 hits. Early next year Janet is to start work on a new album.

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