When R&B/Hip Hop Divas Attack

Don't mess with these R&B/Hip Hop divas as they have all been known to attack. This is only half the list.

Foxy Brown
She has had quite a few famous run ins with law which she has become notorious for. Over the years Foxy Brown has allegedly mooned her neighbor, attacked the same neighbor with a BlackBerry a la Naomi Campbell style, and fought with a nail technician. Of course Foxy would proclaim her innocence but its things like this that has gave Foxy Brown a nasty rep.

Foxy has been pretty quiet as of late which is a good and bad thing. It's nice to know she is not beating people up but then again she's been really quiet on the music front. Where's your music ma?

She may be best known for her alleged fight with Foxy Brown in a Miami studio. Though details of the bout are sketchy depending on who you ask; some type of altercation definitely occurred.

I don't understand why someone would go before the camera and claim to have "put feet on her" if they really didn't unless they are simply being an opportunist. Maybe Jacki was since her rap career never quite took off.

Da Brat
A few years ago Da Brat was jailed for pistol whipping a woman outside of Southern club. It definitely wasn't the first offense for the Chicago rapper. Nowadays though Da Brat has gotten herself together and hopefully she will drop new music sometime next year.

Remy Ma
When Remy Ma's friend allegedly stole money from her purse; the Bronx Bomber got fired up and allegedly stabbed her friend in the abdomen; multiple times. At least I think that was the story that landed her in bars for the last...five years?

Her husband; rapper Papoose was accused of gaining a skeleton key to the prison in which Remy was jailed in to help her escape. True Bonnie & Clyde shit that simply would of just made things worse. I'm glad it didn't happen whether it was true or not.

Patti LaBelle
Her bout with a Mother and her toddler child is the inspiration behind this blog and I was a little surprised to be honest when I read the story. In case you didn't catch the story; Patti LaBelle is accused of throwing water on a Mother and her toddler child after a disagreement in a Manhattan lobby.

Honestly Patti is too old for this shit!

Diana Ross
The Supreme Diva herself wrestled with an airport security officer(I believe) who performed a routine body search before boarding a plane. Ms. Ross felt uncomfortable as the procedure was taking place and ruffled a few feathers by reprimanding the airport security officer.

Mary J. Blige
Back in the day; Mary J. Blige was too hot to trot! Back in the early 90s Mary J. got into a brief altercation with model; Veronica Webb and smacked the model after a heated exchange of words in a nightclub.

Nicki Minaj
A facialist has spoke out against Nicki Minaj allegedly that the pint sized rapper threw wads of money in her face after being unhappy with a facial she received. In addition to that; Nicki chastised her.

Is Nicki really lashing out and letting her new found fame get to her head?
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