Foxy Brown upsets patrons and 50 Cent lands talk show on BET

Foxy Brown reportedly showed up to a Philly nightclub and didn't perform and upset patrons. Based on what I've read, the nightclub kept playing Lil' Kim songs prior to her getting on stage. After that it was reported that Foxy stayed in the corner before being booed by patrons who chanted "Remy Ma" as she exited the building. I didn't see a flyer or anything prior to Foxy's "gig" cause usually if she's performing a flyer would of made some of her Instagram fan sites but I don't recall seeing one. Expect Foxy to speak out soon on this matter via her Instagram page that I'm blocked on. 50 Cent is getting his own late night talk show on BET. The show is titled, "50 Central" and I'm not sure what the show will consist of but if anything we can expect plenty of jabs thrown at Diddy and Rick Ross. Speaking of BET, they just unveiled some new and returning shows on the network including VH1's very own, "Hit The Floor". Now I'm not sure why "Hit" has switched to BET but I was wondering about the status of the show for awhile anyway cause I hadn't seen it. I figured it had been cancelled. Then again VH1 has become so consumed with "Love & Hip Hop", "Basketball Wives" and "Black Ink Crew", there may of not been any room of the hit show. How do you feel about "Hit The Floor" airing on BET? I don't care anyway. I can't even remember the last season I watched anyway. Some hacker has leaked out 10 episodes of Netflix's hit series, "Orange Is The New Black". The hacker was holding the episodes for ransom and Netflix did not give in. I don't know anyone who has seen the new season yet or haven't read any spoilers yet. If you plan on waiting for the new season, it will premiere on June 9 on Netflix.
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