Janet Jackson's friend speaks out and 50 Cent involved in a lawsuit

So Janet Jackson's friend has come out defending the singer after social media had a field day insinuating that Janet divorced her husband for a huge payout. According to reports, Janet would receive a huge payout if she stayed married for 5 years to the tune of $500 million dollars. Janet's friend attests that Janet is not looking for a huge payout and that she was in fact married for only 4 years, not 5 as its been widely reported. Meanwhile Janet has posted a picture of her newborn baby days ago and the Internet went wild. The baby is very cute and takes after his father. In other music news, there was footage of 50 Cent punching a woman at a concert and then later on bringing the women on stage to twerk. Now the woman is pursuing a lawsuit and I saw this coming. After 50 Cent realized what he did by punching the woman, he brought her onstage to twerk to try to make light of the situation. What he should of did was pay her then and there but then again he has no money according to reports. Tyrese upset women when he referred to them as "sluts" among other things and social media quickly dragged him for his comments. Tyrese later issued an apology on social media that was so long no one bothered to read it!
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