Spice Girls member Mel B gets divorce and Iggy Azalea talks weight loss

Sorry for the lack of updates as I didn't realize it had been a week since my last update. So getting right into things, former Spice Girls member, Mel B has divorced her husband of 10 years and has spoken out against the abuse she suffered. Her soon to be ex-husband has denied the claims. What's crazy to me in this whole story is that I didn't know that Mel B. had been married for 10 years. I swear it was just yesterday when she was dating Eddie Murphy and had a child with him. Man time sure flies! I was reading on my Twitter feed that Iggy Azeala said she's lost 15lbs while twerking for her new video, "Mo Bounce". Wow that's surprising! But what's more surprising is how quickly the song and video came and went. I will say she looks really good in the video but she's going to need another single that's going to be a catchier. She has a lot betting on her this time since she's supposed to release her second album, "Digital Distortion". First, I think she needs to change the title. Whatever does "Digital Distortion" mean? I think she explained a year ago when she first revealed the title but I don't remember. Elsewhere, J. Cole's album, "4 Your Eyez Only" just went Platinum and his people like to brag at the fact that he went Platinum with "no features". Good for him! I believe this is the second time he's done this. The whole "no features" statement is shade to other rappers but I get where he's coming from. He doesn't need like 20 features to make a hit album but people have 20 features and still no Platinum album. I still can't get over how J. Cole looks. He looks so scraggy looking but I think he changed his look up to be taken more serious. When he first came out he was a light skin pretty boy. Now he looks like a refugee.
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