Woman claims Drake may of fathered unborn child

So this groupie girl is alleging that Drake has got her pregnant and now he is ignoring her. The girl in question has receipts of text conversations with Drake and papers claiming her pregnancy. This could be true and this could also be a bunch of bullshit. Who knows and who cares? In other Drake news, his album, "More Life" has been #1 for 3 weeks. No surprise there! Drake has recently called out a popular spot known as the Madison Club for their mistreatment and racism. The company responded by reaching out to Drake and planning to fix the situation. One situation that will need to be fixed and definitely addressed is allegations of Chris Brown assaulting a photographer. The photographer in question has receipts which includes a bloody lip. We all know Chris Brown is known to fly into a rage from time to time so this is pretty believable. I wonder has Chris posted a video or meme about this? A few days ago someone "hacked" Mary J. Blige's Twitter which included a message aimed at Blige's ex-husband Kendu. The tweet read "fuck Kendu" and "the fans should unfollow him" and a plug for her new album release, "Strength of A Woman" due on April 28. Mary shot back and claims that her account was hacked. She said she doesn't hate her ex-husband but she wants to be done with the divorce.
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