Janet Jackon gets divorce and French Montana upsets fans

Shocking news! Janet Jackson has reportedly split from her billionaire husband just three months after giving birth to her first second child. Janet was married for 5 years and its being said that she will get a huge payout from her soon to be ex-husband. I was at the mall yesterday and my friend texted me the news. I'm shocked but then again I'm not. I had a feeling this would happen for some reason. A few days ago French Montana caught hell when he called a troll "nappy" headed. Social media had a field day and dragged French Montana for filth. Next thing you know French Montana was defending his character and his race and apologizing. I guess his clap back was a little too much. But sometimes that happens. In reality TV new, its being reported that Phaedra Parks has been fired from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". All inklings of RHOA has been removed from Parks' social media pages which added fuel to the fire. Reps for Parks say that the rumors were "untrue". In the same report, its saying that all the other ladies were asked back. Sheesh! I was really hoping they get rid of Kenya and Porsha. Kandi should take a season off. Cynthia, I'm not sure about it since she lied about being divorced and will likely drag that out again for the sake of a storyline. Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann is said to return for season 10 but nothing has been set in stone. Right now there are a bunch of negotiations but Bravo is currently showing the best of Nene and Kim so that should give you an indication of how next season might go. I'm all here for Nene and Kim coming back but I just hope their relationship doesn't become strained again. They worked so hard to repair their friendship.
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