Music Feed: R&B Divas L.A. Recap

Two nights ago saw the premiere of TV One's R&B Divas L.A. The show centers around singers Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz, Michel'e, Dawn(of En Vogue), and Lil' Mo. I am already reading that fans are leaning more towards this franchise being that the songs and ladies are more recognizable. Whereas some of the ladies on the Atlanta franchise were scratching the surface of obscurity. No wonder Faith Evans got up out of there. I think she was simply above the show.

Anyway back to the premiere episode of R&B Divas L.A...

I missed some pieces of the show but this recap will give you a general idea of what happened. The show opens with Kelly Price and Chante Moore getting together and having drinks. This is when Kelly Price announces that she is putting together an open mic show. Along with Kelly, Chante Moore opts to get the other girls available to which they oblige. We segway into the other singers featured and their stories being shared a la  VH1's Behind The Music. The story that proved to be the most compelling at press time is that of Claudette Ortiz. If you are unfamiliar with Claudette she was the female lead in the group City High. They had the hit songs What Would You Do? and Caramel featuring Eve. She spoke briefly to Dawn(of En Vogue) about her history with the City High band mates including abuse, alcoholism, and children.

Michel'e(the singer with the squeaky speaking voice but the full singing voice), her story is also very fascinating depending on who you ask. She has children with producer Dr. Dre and bad boy Suge Knight. Interesting huh? I knew about Dr. Dre but I forgot about her relationship with Suge Knight.

Throughout the premiere episode the ladies came together and got acquainted and reacquainted in some cases. The open mic night that all the ladies were so nervous about went on without a hitch. There wasn't any drama yet but the upcoming episodes hint at some dramatic moments. I do hope this show doesn't become too over dramatic like R&B Divas Atlanta who wore out their welcome this season.

It's too early to say who the "bitch" of the show will be but from what I read Kelly Price is the Nicci Gilbert of L.A. and that is not a compliment. I'm hoping not because I like Kelly Price and I hope my opinion of her doesn't change after and during this show.

I did get a chance to see pics of all the ladies at the premiere episode launch(online of course) and they were all hugged up and seemed in good spirits. If there were any tension you couldn't sense it.
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