R. Kelly Readies New Single, Frank Ocean Harms Vocal Chords

So much news! Where do I start? Well...I guess I'll start with the reigning King of R&B himself(or depending on who you ask) R. Kelly! The singer is releasing a new song titled My Story featuring none other than 2 Chainz. It's been proven that you can't go wrong with 2 Chainz on a track. My Story might be the first single to R. Kelly's upcoming album Black Panties. That's of course if his new album is still titled Black Panties. I know that's been the working title for awhile or we'll just wait on an official announcement.

Chris Brown is somewhere laughing but I'm not! Frank Ocean was forced to cancel his Australian tour because he tore his vocal chords! Ouch! In other news Frank Ocean reportedly dissed nemesis Chris Brown on the track titled Versace Remix. I have yet to hear the song but Chris Brown has more enemies than a little bit and its pretty sad if you ask me.

I like Frank Ocean so hopefully he's okay because if his vocal chords are damaged then there goes his singing career. At least for him he could always fall back on writing and producing like he did prior to being in the spotlight.

One of my favorite R&B divas Brandy is working on new music. The singer made the announcement awhile back via one of her many interviews she's done in recent months. Then again I came across another video with her alongside Niecy Nash(The Soul Man) and she said new music was coming soon.

I'm not sure if I can believe that right off the bat. Artists always say new music is coming soon and we never know when that will be. Brandy is notorious for taking long breaks in between records so if new music is coming soon than later I'm all for it.

And last but not least Ms. Toni Braxton recently did an interview where she revealed her desire to work with Mary J. Blige, Janet, and Mariah Carey. All on the same record! Though I would like to hear her duet with all the ladies but not the same record. When asked if she would tour with the ladies she gave a big fat "NO!" Rightfully so though because it would be "Bitchfest 2013" and we don't need that.

Well that's all the news I have for you now. As more news comes available you can count on me to give it to you. Have a fun, safe, and enjoyable weekend!
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