Kelly Rowland Hooks Up With Jaguar, Chris Brown Plans New Single

Kelly Rowland is keeping busy. The singer just signed on as the new face behind the motor vehicle company Jaguar. In addition to that you can see Kelly Rowland on The X Factor this September on FOX. Her new album Talk A Good Game is in stores and online now.

R&B bad boy Chris Brown has plans to release his new single Love More featuring Nicki Minaj. If you may recall he performed a snippet of the song at the BET Awards along with Nicki. Brown's new album X is due in stores this September.

She may of left R&B Divas Atlanta but Faith Evans is keeping busy by locking down a new distribution deal for her new untitled album. The singer's last album R&B Divas was released last year to little fanfare. Her last album before that was 2010's Something About Faith which was a complete letdown. I'm hoping Faith can revive my interest in her singing career.

Her abrupt exit from R&B Divas Atlanta wasn't surprising to me. I think Faith realized she was very much above the drama that plagued the show.

In other news...Keri Hilson has hooked up with Timbaland to record the song Sorry; an apology to Jay-Z and Beyonce. Keri apologizes to Beyonce for not being a woman of her word. She released the Turnin Me On Remix back in the day and she caught a lot of heat for it. She still catches heat for it today. Instead of being a bitch about it Keri should of been a woman of her word and stood by how she feels. If she felt that way about Beyonce she should of stood by it. Instead she realized it took a huge blow to her career and she wants to get her career back on track. I don't know how I feel about this but whatever floats her boat. I don't dislike Keri Hilson but I wish she wasn't such a sourpuss.
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