Mario, Ashanti, & Justin Timberlake Plan New Albums

Looks like September is the next month where we will see a Super Tuesday. Tuesday being the day that new music releases are generally released. This is of course if the release dates stick. As far as R&B releases are concerned these release dates are subject to change. Still you can get an idea of what's to be released.

One R&B singer that has been out of the limelight for awhile is Mario. Mario will release his new album on September 17. The working title has been Restoration though I'm not sure if that's still the title at press time. His current single Somebody Else featuring Nicki Minaj is bubbling under the Hot 100 charts. The video clip to the song is a little eerie if you ask me. You'd have to check it out to see what I mean if you haven't watched it already.

I am glad Mario is back though. He is severely underrated and I feel he sings circles around his R&B counterparts.

Another bites the dust. In the never ending saga of push backs Ashanti has once again pushed her new album BraveHeart back. The album will reportedly be released on September 3. Don't hold your breath though because I'm certainly not holding mine. I'm  unsure of the exact reason of the push backs but one reason could be not having a hit single. Ashanti has failed to release a single that has made an impact on the charts. The album's first single The Woman You Love peaked at #59 on the R&B charts. That's been the most successful song this era and personally that's when the album was supposed to be released. The album cover and full track listing were readily released nearly two years ago and then the infinite push backs began.

At this point I don't see the album coming out at all. Nonetheless Ashanti keeps pushing singles in hope that one will stick. Her latest song to be leaked is I Got It featuring Future. Maybe this will be the song to give Ashanti the confidence to release her ill fated BraveHeart album.

One artist who will definitely release an album this September is Justin Timberlake. He is re releasing his The 20/20 Experience album as a proper follow up but its being deemed a sequel to the hit album released back in March. The album features the new single Take Back The Night which is available on iTunes now. Take Back The Night was produced by Timberlake and Timbaland among others.The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 will be in stores on September 30.
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